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Our training staff comprises a mix of skilled ex-military and carefully chosen personal trainers, all with a wealth of knowledge to get you results. Fast.

Andy Morton, Head Coach

Head coach Andy served 7½ years in Her Majesty’s Forces, primarily with 9 Para Squadron Royal Engineers. He is a versatile, knowledgeable and, most of all, reliable trainer. Having successfully completed his Premier Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy in addition to being on the National Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), you can rest assured that you are in the right hands. To round off Andy’s suitability for the Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp, where all-round health and wellbeing is the goal, he  also has additional Paul Chek Lifestyle Coaching Qualifications.

Damien Sinclair, Strength Coach

Damien Served for 4 years with The Royal Dragoon Guards Tank Regiment, serving in Northern Ireland and Germany.  During this time, Damien gleaned valuable insight into obtaining and maintaining total fitness, its benefits and how to drive others on to attain goals they never thought possible! Damo loves to see the positive progression in body and mind with each individual during their time spent at the UFB, which he does by devising fun and challenging training sessions for them during their stay.

Ian Finch, Conditioning Coach

Ian is a former Royal Marine Commando, Adventurer, Motivation Coach & Leadership coach. During his 5 years with the UK Royal Marines and 6 as a Military Fitness Instructor, he travelled the world, participated in many touch endurance events and operated in the jungle and the Arctic.  Ian has a healthy taste for the outdoors and is never more content when up in the mountains; a place where he feels totally comfortable and at peace.

Josh Kennedy, Personal Trainer

Josh has always had a passion for sport, fitness and competition. Having been a keen footballer, cross-country runner and martial artist most of his life he understands, appreciates and seeks out challenges. Josh has competed in endurance races such as Tough Guy, Tough Mudder and The Paras 10. He is passionate about helping people make a change for the long term, for life! Not content with second best, Josh is always striving to better himself whether that be through his training or knowledge.


Our Trainers are highly qualified personal trainers and ex military personnel

At the UFB we will help you dig deep, we will help arm you with the determination and motivation to push yourself further than you’ve ever gone, finally facilitating the changes you want. We are dedicated to guiding you throughout this process, you will see a difference.

"You can have results or you can have your excuses. You cannot have both"

Our trainers follow 6 principle rules to reach optimum health and wellbeing:

1. Think Right – We give you the tools to activate and motivate your brain to think positively about your journey and goals.
2. Breathe Right – All action comes from breathing. We will teach you the art of respiration.
3. Drink Right – You will learn to recognise the crucial signs that it’s time to hydrate.
4. Eat Right – You will be taught how to eat healthily, control portions, create menus and quick meal solutions.
5. Exercise Right -You will be taught how to exercise and how to diversify your training to cash-in on your efforts.
6. Rest Right – Down time is as important as exercise. You’ll learn that the body cannot repair without rest!