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What is the UFB? Click here to find out what makes us the ultimate fitness bootcamp. From the nutrition through to the training. Mind fit. Body fit.

The UFB Is So Much More Than Just A Boot Camp

Is this You?

Imagine a life full of energy; the ability to wake up each day feeling motivated, energised and empowered to lead the healthy lifestyle you want.
We believe that becoming truly fit doesn’t just mean physically. It’s also about overcoming mental hurdles and changing the way you process each and every thought.

Being in a state of mind where you make the right food choices (and because you want to), where you enthusiastically choose the stairs over the escalators, and where working out never feels like a chore. This is a shift in thinking, which we at the UFB call ‘mind fit, body fit’.

Why we’re different

The UFB is so much more than just a boot camp: we’re not here to just ‘shout you fit’, our mission is to get you well on your way to a place of physical and mental well-being. Yes, we believe that you need to work hard to gain results fast. But we don’t think that has to entail waking you up with loud music at the crack of dawn or making you take freezing cold baths. We don’t shout or scream .

We encourage and motivate you in a considerate but determined manner. You give us the commitment and, in return, we’ll guide you to the results you want. Each and every one of you is different and we will tailor our programmes to enable the best outcome possible. This is something that sets us apart from your average boot camp.

Eat yourself fit

Nutrition is a vital element of your fitness and well-being, and a key part of your programme at the UFB. We believe that a healthy diet should compose of fresh, locally sourced and seasonal products. Our menus are created daily to complement your fitness schedule.

Our specially trained chefs not only create tasty, varied menus for the duration of your stay, they carefully balance each meal to give you exactly the right amount of carbohydrate, protein and vitamins you need. We have a passion for holistic well-being and our chefs bring their extensive knowledge of food to your programme, providing you tasty, nutritious fuel that may change your perception of healthy eating!

Training for everyone

We’re flexible enough to cater for the already fitness conscious as well those who have a desire to be, but don’t know where to begin. Our training staff comprises a mixture of highly qualified ex military personnel and carefully selected personal trainers. They draw on a broad range of expertise, tried-and-tested techniques and programmes.

They know the most efficient ways to achieve optimum mental and physical fitness, assessing your abilities and pushing you to the limits that you set. They are dedicated to getting the best results during your stay and help motivate you to continue your new, healthier lifestyle beyond the boot camp.

Training classes include a variety of styles to suit all fitness levels, including boxercise, TRX training, military circuits, team challenges, swimming and hiking. Our trainers encourage teamwork within the group sessions and you will be 100% supported throughout your stay to help you reach your goals, whether they are fitness, toning, weight loss or ‘the works’.

We are the UFB


Mind Fit Body Fit

Why Us?

Why the UFB? It’s simple: we have the expertise, the know-how and the tools required to enable you to reach your goals, and not just reach them – smash them apart! And then reach further than you have ever done before.
Our Trainers all have something special – that’s why we selected them; unique flair, passion, and drive to give you the momentum to push through all your barriers to fitness, and, most importantly, they bring you education and guidance to help maintain your mind-and-body training during and after your stay.

Motivation Is Power

Do you need a kick start to motivate yourself?  Have you tried every exercise/diet regime going but failed to maintain it?At the UFB, we not only teach you how to eat well, lose excess weight, tone up and improve your fitness; we arm you with the mental tools that will last way beyond your time with us. We can help you realise your fitness goals or work with you to set new ones. At the UFB we will help you dig deep, we will help arm you with the determination and motivation to push yourself further than you’ve ever gone.

UFB House

UFB House is a substantial country home built in the 1900s, in the Vernacular Revival style. It was extended and renovated in the 1930s and in recent years it’s been extensively refurbished to provide a space of exceptional quality and comfort. Many of its Art Deco features have been retained, including built-in bedroom furniture and bathrooms. Situated in the heart of West Sussex, UFB House and our wide range of amenities provide the perfect break from the stresses and tribulations of everyday life. Escape to The UFB and settle into a supportive, comforting environment.