The UFB | Welcome to the Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp
We'd like to welcome you to the UFB: the Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp. Come and take a look around our website and see just what we're about.

Need Motivation?

Imagine a life full of energy. The ability to wake up each day feeling motivated, energised and empowered to lead the healthy lifestyle you want.


Mind Fit Body Fit

Imagine knowing  that you’ll always willingly choose the stairs rather than the escalators, and that working out will never feel like a chore.

Fitness Packages

See optimum results with our 7-day camps or kick-start your fitness with our 3-5 days retreats. Completely transform your mind and body with our multiple week programmes

The House

The stunning UFB house & grounds provide excellent facilities for both training and relaxation.

The UFB offers luxurious facilities in a truly beautiful setting – the perfect environment, we believe, to help you modify your outlook on how best to maintain your mind and body’s health. Whether you’re looking to get fit, lose weight or tone up, we can help you realise your fitness goals or work with you to set new ones.



Great Results That Last


We cant get enough of circuits. Fast, fun and high intensity. Bring on the sweat


An addictive, safe, stress busting workout. Great to get the blood flowing

Take Stock & Reconnect

Flexibility Training

Stretching the parts you never thought could be stretched


Feeling sore after your workouts? Wind down with some stress busting massage

The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp
About Us

The UFB offers you a chance to escape from the hectic whirlwind that life sometimes becomes, to a place of physical and mental wellbeing, where your sole focus is you.


We believe that becoming truly fit doesn’t just mean physically. It’s also about overcoming mental hurdles and changing the way you process each and every thought. Being in a state of mind where you make the right food choices (and because you want to), where you enthusiastically choose the stairs over the escalators, and where working out never feels like a chore.


Nutrition is a vital element of your fitness and wellbeing, and a key part of your programme at the UFB. We believe that a healthy diet should compose of fresh, locally sourced and seasonal products.

The House

The UFB house is approached from the drive through a porte-cochere which leads to the fine reception hall with Jacobean style carved staircase. The stunning 56 ft kitchen occupies the former ballroom and hosts the communal meal times. The majority of the ten bedrooms are arranged in suites including an extensive and luxuriously appointed principal suite.

A Typical Training Day

0700-0800 – Wake Up Mobilisation

0800-0900 – Kick Start Breakfast

0900-1000 – Boxing

1000-1030 – Abs

1030-1100 – Snack and Refresh

1100-1230 – Strength Circuit

1230-1330 – Revitalising Lunch

1330-1430 – Gun Run

1430-1500 – Snack, Regroup and Reconnect

1500-1630 – Countryside Hike

1630-1800 – Stretch / Relax

1800-1900 – Nutritious Dinner

1900-1930 – Results round-up, Q&A’s

The stunning UFB House and grounds provide excellent facilities for both training and relaxation. During your stay, make the most of the indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and sauna. We also work alongside top therapists to provide massage and beauty treatments, which are available to book alongside your fitness regime.